Website Design

Your website is Your digital business card. 

There’s no debate about it. To compete in today’s highly competitive market online you need a robust online presence. We are not just talking about a subpar "Do it yourself" website and a Facebook page. Instead, you need a well thought out, completely optimized marketing plan that includes online, social, email, seo, video, and mobile components. Why? Because your customers are searching on different platforms online.

Our goal at Divology, is to make your business omni-present. If you run a local business, regardless of your geographic target area, whether you have a physical location or a virtual one, you’d better be thinking how to be everywhere at the same time. The first step – and perhaps the most essential – of this strategy is your website. So become the obvious choice and choose Divology to build your website.

Package A) Website Business Builder****


-Website Domain package with Domain Hunter**
-Customized Business Website with hosting**
-Unlimited Website Pages
-Search Engine Visibility
-SSL Certificate
-Business Email Account with up to 5 email addresses
-Mobile Responsive Site
-Search Engine Optimization with 125 SEO backlinks and 90 do-follow backlinks
-One-Click Social Media Manager
-12-hour response time
-Unlimited malware removal
-Blacklist monitoring & removal*
-10,000+ monthly website hits from social media
-30 USA business directory citations for local SEO
-Listing Distribution across multiple sites - Build citations, boost SEO.

-Unlimited Minor Website edits + 3 major website edits per month


1) One customized video for your website promoting your product or service 

2) Reputation Management - We monitor and help you manage your online reputation.

***Google will blacklist sites that could be considered dangerous to visitors, which makes it nearly impossible for people to find you. We identify and resolve any blacklisting issues, so there’s no interruption to your business.

No Contracts - Cancel Anytime!

Get Started Today For Only

$178.33 Monthly + zero set-up fee


Package B) Website Starter Builder****


-Customized Business Website
-Unlimited Website Pages
-Mobile Responsive Site

-Unlimited Minor Website edits

No Contracts - Cancel Anytime!

Get Started Today For Only

$57.33 Monthly* 

+ $449.00 One-Time Set-Up Fee

*Must Purchase WordPress Ultimate hosting at https://shop.subzoom.com/products/wordpress

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** Website Hosting and domain transfers away from Divology incur a one-time transfer charge of $1,500.00.

**** Website packages are only available with the sign up of any Social Media or SEO Plan